Our Philosophy

Simplifying decision-making through "voice of data"

Recently, many managers and marketing supervisors use various kinds of data for getting a more accurate grasp of current situations, or for project proposals.

However, data analysis operations are by and large not well suited to human operators, and the volume of data is massive, requiring a large time commitment. For this reason, it’s incredibly difficult for personnel to carry out their regular duties and also make time for this analysis.
At many locations, this data cannot be interpreted properly, and staff seem to be losing their sense of what should be done.
In this kind of environment, decision-making cannot be carried out properly.

We considered ways to solve this problem.
The solution we developed is a high-level artificial intelligence system designed with “simplifying decision-making through voice of data” as its theme, and we are now planning to share this system with the entire world at a low price.

Simple visualization of data isn’t enough, and leaves you unsure of what should be done.
When you can also understand what the meaning of the data is, you finally know what should be done, and this makes decision-making easy.
With the friendly and high-efficiency AI system we have developed, we will achieve a world in which even people who haven’t had any special training can easily carry out decision-making processes based on data.

Guidelines for action

System orientation

At WACUL, we value solving issues systematically.
When we face a challenge, we resolve it by creating efficient systems, rather than addressing it with labour-intensive or ad hoc manual methods.

The user's perspective

At WACUL, we place a high value on analyzing things from the user's perspective concerning our creative process. We also value the process of making improvements by having actual users use the products.
However, our focus on the user's perspective is different from the user-centric approach that only values the user. We also take the system perspective and business perspective into consideration as we have created a system that is easy for the user to use and understand.


At WACUL, we value taking on challenges as a team.
We trust each other as professionals and share our information.